The Quantify Group Brings Energy and Innovation to Traditional Profession

Dave Ashworth, left, and Alex Steinberg of The Quantify Group.

Some small businesses need just a bookkeeper. Others need a tax accountant. Many need a Controller or Chief Financial Officer.

Most, however, need someone who can combine the skills of all those positions.

And that’s why Dave Ashworth, a Certified Public Accountant, founded The Quantify Group in 2011: “to fill in those gaps for small businesses.”

A one-stop shop for the small businesses it serves, The Quantify Group can provide, all under one roof, the type of varied financial assistance that most clients can only get by outsourcing to multiple firms.

“Every dollar is important to small businesses, so taxes are a big deal for them,” said Ashworth, who previously worked at Kreischer Miller, a regional accounting firm in Horsham. “In my experience, being out in the marketplace, I’ve seen a lot of businesses that could benefit from a high level of expertise, but they can’t afford a Controller or CFO.

“That’s where we come in. Most accounting firms handle taxes and audits, but we offer more than that, and that’s how we bring value to our clients.”

The Quantify Group’s relationship with its clients extends beyond tax season, as Ashworth and his business partner, Alex Steinberg, do more than prepare income tax returns. They look at a client’s books all year long, enabling that client to make the best decisions for his or her business.

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“The financial statements tell a story. We help them grow through what their story is saying,” said Ashworth.

In other words, Ashworth and Steinberg, who met while working at Kreischer Miller, help clients better understand their business.

“There is no one-size-fits-all plan for good financial management,” said Ashworth. “We get to know the clients, their habits, what they want to know, and their goals for the future.”

The Quantify Group’s approach is fresh, as it brings an expertise in technology and an energy to a traditional profession.

“We have a proactive philosophy,” said Steinberg. “A lot of firms work after the fact and are compliance-focused. We’re more growth focused.”

Whereas most firms are crunching their clients’ numbers just once a year, The Quantify Group has its collective eye on its clients’ books throughout the entire year.

“We catch things as they come up, and they can be addressed on a month-to-month basis,” said Steinberg. “A lot of times, accounting firms will notice discrepancies that are too late to do anything about.”

“Before we hired Quantify, my company’s accounting department was in disarray,” said a business owner in West Chester. “They were able to organize the department, put processes in place, and make me feel confident about making decisions based on my financials.

“I would highly recommend any business owner talk to Quantify immediately.”

Click here to learn more about The Quantify Group or to get a competitive quote online for its services.

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