Distracted by Their GPSs, Truck Drivers Keep Crashing into Bridge in Phoenixville

Image via the Phoenixville Police Department.

A number of truck drivers distracted by their GPSs have crashed into an abandoned Norfolk Southern railroad bridge in Phoenixville, writes Erin McCarthy for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to PennDOT officials, the accidents may be caused by drivers who blindly follow their GPSs, which are not designed for trucks. This causes them to pay less attention to the road, potentially increasing the number of accidents.

“I can’t definitively say there’s been an increase,” said Sgt. Joe Nemic of the Phoenixville Police Department. “To me, it’s been a steady problem over the years.”

Over the last three years, there have been 15 incidents where trucks got stuck under the overpass, along with six requests for assistance.

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Nemic said that, years ago, he suggested installing a system whereby trucks taller than the 10-foot-4-inch overpass would hit hanging tubes before actually getting to the bridge. However, it did not go anywhere.

“The ongoing argument is: Is it a municipality problem or is it a Norfolk Southern problem?” he said.

Norfolk Southern said it’s currently reviewing a proposal to raise the bridge. But if approved, Phoenixville would have to cover the costs.

Read more about the Norfolk Southern railroad bridge in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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