Popular Food Critic Reveals His Pick for Best Pizza in Chester County

Thanks to its delicious Neapolitan pizza, Phoenixville’s Vecchia Pizzeria has become one of the top pizzerias in the Philadelphia suburbs. Image of Frank Nattle via the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Thanks to its mouthwatering Neapolitan pizza, Phoenixville’s Vecchia Pizzeria is now a go-to for anyone looking for the top pizzerias in the Philadelphia suburbs, writes Craig Laban for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Owner Frank Nattle has been single-minded in his quest for the perfect Margherita pizza, and the results of his efforts are clear at the pizzeria’s bustling location at 249 Bridge Street.

Without the need for excess toppings, the pizzeria’s crown jewel is the Regina, a Margherita pizza made with buffalo mozzarella, San Marzano sauce, and aromatic basil.

In true Neapolitan style, the pizza’s crust quickly puffs and blisters from the intense heat ensured by often tossing a fresh log into the oven. But at the same time, the center remains soft and creamy.

“Almost rare, like a marshmallow,” said Nattle.

To really enjoy it, Nattle suggests eating it, Italian-style, with a knife and fork.

As an added bonus, Vecchia Pizzeria has recently expanded its menu to include salads and classic pastas.

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