Trio of Chester County Firefighters Deployed to Houston

The next wave to wash over Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is a surge of help from a trio of Chester County firefighters, including Anthony "A.J." Pizzi.

A new wave of attention is washing over Houston, and this time it’s bringing with it a surge of help from Chester County.

At least three local firefighters are responding to the urgent call for assistance in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, according to a Daily Local News report by Pete Bannan.

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Among them are West Chester’s Anthony “A.J.” Pizzi and Berwyn’s William “Bill” King and James Herb.

Pizzi and Herb are both members of one of the state’s Disaster Medical Assistance Teams, which will set up a mobile field hospital, while King will engage in water rescue operations through Team Rubicon USA.

Herb and King are both Berwyn Fire Co. volunteers and EMTs. Pizzi is a career Goshen Fire Co. firefighter, Fame Fire Co. volunteer, Chester County Department of Emergency Services instructor, and West Chester Fire Department training center director.

Read more about their emergency response efforts in Houston for the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in the Daily Local News here.

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