Penn State Great Valley to Host ‘Motown Meets Jazz’ Workshop on Sept. 28

The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble

Whether you’re simply familiar with classic hits or you’ve memorized the lyrics to every deep track, anyone can come out and enjoy Warren Oree and The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble’s musical workshop and performance on Thursday, Sept. 28 at Penn State Great Valley.

Starting at 7 PM, Oree will guide the audience on a musical trip down memory lane. He and his fellow musicians aim to illustrate how signature Motown sounds emanated from the soul and style of jazz.

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Presented by the Philadelphia-based Lifeline Music Coalition, the event will focus on the union of these two musical genres by highlighting the signature Motown tropes in the presentation, while also infusing the jazz style of soul and improvisation. The program will feature a variety of instrumentalists and singers, in addition to The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble.

“This is not a ‘cover’ band trying to play the music exactly the same as the recordings,” said Oree. “Our goal is to show the harmony that existed — and still exists — between two styles of music that were considered distinctly different. Together, these two styles create a sound that propels and moves the listener to a place where memories stimulate and refresh.”

This is one of the many successful Lifeline Music events that have attracted fans since 2003 by providing a unique, enjoyable atmosphere at their workshops, festivals, and concerts.

The event is sponsored by Ametek. Admission to the workshop is free, but tickets are required and are available by clicking here.

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