Glenmoore Man’s Life of Seizing Opportunities Now Motivates Others

Glenmoore's Marc Hayford seized rare opportunities to become a prominent DJ and then a WWE referee. Image via the Chester County Press.

Dissatisfied with the mundane of everyday life, a Glenmoore man took a chance with his amateur music skills and landed in a prominent DJ business.

Then he threw himself into the ring of pro wrestling refereeing with little more than an undeterrable ambition, and landed on tour with the WWE.

Now he motivates others to ditch their doubts and chase down their dreams.

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“I think there’s a big battle that goes on in people’s lives between their head and their heart,” said Marc Hayford in a Chester County Press report by John Chambless. “And at that time, my heart said, ‘No. We’re going to do this.’”

Hayford’s willingness to seize an opportunity has put him in the midst of “the greatest moments of people’s lives” and unforgettable experiences.

“If I could take the energy of walking into an arena full of people screaming and put that into a bottle and sell it, I would be a multi-zillionaire. The energy is unprecedented. I can’t put into words what it’s like. I got to be one of a small fraternity of people who get to experience that from the ring.”

Hayford now relates those experiences to business leaders, students, prisoners, the unemployed, and the general public via YouTube videos. And his message motivates people to turn fear on its head.

“The one thing that scares me to death is regret when I’m 95, and I wish I had just done something when I could,” he said. “The message I have for people is to step over your doubt and fear.”

Read more of Hayford’s story in the Chester County Press here.

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