Coatesville Area School District Launches Rebranding Initiative

Image via the Coatesville Area School District.

In an effort to attract local students who are attending private and charter schools, the Coatesville Area School District is rebranding in an attempt to emphasize its strengths, writes Kathy Boccella for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The rebranding initiative includes focus groups and newsletters. The goal is to achieve better communication with the public on the many benefits of Coatesville schools.

The district was already working with a public relations consultant, but has added Jenkintown-based Communications Solutions Group in April for the rebranding.

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“We’re doing a lot of good things in the district, and we want to make sure we’re getting the message out there,” said Dean Snyder, President of the Coatesville School Board.

He highlighted the district’s new training for teachers, free SAT tests, and higher test scores for A.P. students.

The rebranding officially began this spring with five focus groups. They discovered that most people were unaware of the district’s recent accomplishments. This was followed up with a glossy mailer in June that promoted the district’s achievements, such as its new early literacy center.

The next steps will include more newsletters, an annual report, and a push to bring in more students.

Read more about the Coatesville Area School District’s rebranding in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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