Check Out the Salary Potential for Graduates of Chester County’s Four Universities

West Chester University topped all Chester County schools on the list of Best Colleges in Pennsylvania by Salary Potential. Image via WCU.

West Chester University is the highest-ranked school in Chester County on the Best Colleges in Pennsylvania by Salary Potential list published by PayScale.

The rankings were compiled using several criteria, including early-career pay, mid-career pay, and job meaning to the employee. The survey only includes schools that have a substantial number of graduates working for civilian employers across the country.

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WCU checked in at No. 36 on the list with $46,700 in early-career pay. This increases significantly by mid-career to $88,600. Also, 48 percent of WCU graduates believe that their job makes the world a better place, which helped push the college higher on the list.

Next on the list is Lincoln University, which placed 53rd with $47,300 in early-career and $82,900 in mid-career pay. Just behind is Immaculata University at No. 54 with $47,600 in early-career and $81,800 in mid-career salary.

The University of Valley Forge in Phoenixville ranks 100th with $36,400 and $57,000 in early- and mid-career pay, respectively.

Read the entire Salary Potential report at PayScale here.

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