As Chef Evolves, So Does Birchrunville Store Cafe

Newly married to a fellow restaurateur, the chef at Birchrunville Store Cafe has been stirring up some Asian influences as a result of his romance.

He wasn’t looking to spice up his culinary repertoire — just his love life.

But in getting married, new American citizen Francis Pascal has cooked up some Asian influences for his decidedly French restaurant, the Birchrunville Store Cafe.

Pascal recently married fellow restaurateur Nui Kullana of Thai L’Elephant, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer review by Craig LaBan.

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“It’s a decidedly Gallic flourish for an Asian inspiration, but in this bucolic corner of Chester County, it’s the genuine taste of a talented chef embracing the latest chapter in his life,” LaBan wrote.

Pascal also opened up a new ButterScotch pastry shop and cafe across the street from the Birchrunville Store Cafe, which is situated between Exton and Pottstown.

“Ringed by misty cornfields, stone walls, and steepled churches, this old general store turned idyllic BYOB with a chef-owner from Aix-en-Provence running the kitchen remains one of the single most charming dining experiences in the region,” LaBan wrote.

Read more about the newest changes at Birchrunville Store Cafe in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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