All Invited to Experience ‘Humanizing Homelessness in Chester County’ Photo Exhibit


Image via Decade to Doorways.

Beginning June 12 and running through June 23, the Humanizing Homelessness in Chester County photo display will be available to view at Gawthrop Greenwood, located at 17 East Gay Street in West Chester.

Residents of Chester County and the surrounding areas are encouraged to visit and view this moving exhibit that puts a real face on the problem of homelessness in Chester County.

On any given night, nearly 600 individuals in Chester County, including families, are without permanent housing. Some are in shelters, while others are left unsheltered when shelter beds are full.

With a goal of ensuring safe, affordable and permanent housing for those at risk of homelessness, the Chester County Department of Community Development developed the Decade to Doorways initiative in 2012 – a 10-year plan to prevent and end homelessness.

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The CCDCD is leading a coalition of government entities, service providers, educators, healthcare professionals, faith communities, funders, businesses, and the general public with strategic and evidence-based action plans. The aim is to effectively end homelessness in Chester County by 2022 by making it rare, brief, and non-reoccurring.

The United Way of Chester County, in support of Decade to Doorways, coordinated with local artist Linda Braceland, who developed the pieces, and local companies to display the work with the intent of raising awareness of the issue in the community.

For United Way President and CEO Claudia Hellebush, homelessness is “frustrating because it is a fixable problem. In this particular community, it’s going to take a lot of people coming to the table, but it’s doable. I think this exhibit is going to significantly raise the level of awareness for people in our community.”

Humanizing Homelessness began its roadshow at Bentley Systems, followed by Chester County Economic Development Council, CTDI, Fulton Bank, and CCIU, with more to come.

If you would like to host the photo exhibit at your corporation, please contact United Way of Chester County at 610-429-9400.

To learn how you can help, or for more information about Decade to Doorways, click here.

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