Owner of Parkesburg’s L.C. Auto Body Tunes Up Work-Life Balance

Larry Constable, left, couldn’t keep working 100 hours a week, and he couldn’t imagine the freedom delegation would bring. Until work-life balance arrived at his business, L.C. Auto Body. Image via FenderBender.

When D.I.Y. turned into DIE, he scrapped his 100-hour-a-week auto shop regimen and restored his life by becoming unselfish and un-obsessed.

Today, Larry Constable’s L.C. Auto Body generates annual revenue of $4 million and touches the lives of hundreds through The Point in Parkesburg and other charities, according to a FenderBender report by Kelly Beaton.

Ultimately, the L.C. Auto Body business he started in Coatesville and moved to Parkesburg was lacking focus.

“There’s got to be a central focus in your life — what you’re doing and why you’re doing it,” he said. “Otherwise, it’s meaningless.”

Before he found that focus, Constable found himself laboring 100 hours per week for four years straight.

“I was the guy painting every single car, and what I learned was, if you do it yourself — D.I.Y. — you will D-I-E, because you can’t keep working 100 hours a week,” he said.

The breakthrough arrived when he learned to manage life and business.

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“Delegating is very difficult when you’re a Type-A personality,” he said. “But here’s what I’ve found in delegation: There is so much freedom when you delegate to someone and they’re better than you.”

The L.C. Auto Body keys to success are to budget your time with a detailed calendar, follow procedures that protect your priorities, consult with your spouse on community involvement, and engage in deliberate decision-making.

“I’m going to pray about it, and then I’m going to plan, and then I’m going to proceed,” Constable said.

That freedom opened doors for him to lead Bible studies, facilitate youth retreats, support charities, and ultimately launch The Point youth center.

“These days, Constable lives a rich, full life beyond anything he could’ve ever comprehended at the age of 30,” the article concluded.

Read more of the L.C. Auto Body story on FenderBender here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of The Point here.

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