A. Duie Pyle’s COO Honored for Work on Leadership Development Program


Randy Swart, Chief Operating Officer at West Chester’s A. Duie Pyle, was among the 2017 Truck Fleet Innovators honored at a networking conference by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine earlier this month in Phoenix, writes Jack Roberts.

Swart was honored for his work on a Leadership Development Program, which rotates individuals who have recently graduated from college into positions within the company that prepare them for future careers in transportation operations.

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Randy Swart
Randy Swart

The discussion that followed the awards presentation also gave Swart the chance to focus on some key areas. In particular, he talked about the issue of driver shortages. Swart explained that A. Duie Pyle had fixed the problem by reducing its fleet to just Class 6 and 7 trucks, which meant that it could hire non-CDL drivers to operate them.

“We realized that we could get about 20 separate, 500-pound loads on these trucks,” he said. “And we’ve hired young drivers, usually around 21 years old, to operate them.”

He added that through the use of these trucks, the company was able to increase its early-morning urban deliveries and identify promising drivers.

Read more about the conference in Heavy Duty Trucking here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of A. Duie Pyle here.

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