WCU Trainer, Cochranville Resident Gains Spotlight for National Athletic Trainers’ Month

In honor of National Athletic Trainers’ Month, the Philadelphia Inquirer highlighted the work of Nicole Cattano, a WCU basketball trainer and Cochranville resident.

It’s a win-win; she helps athletes get back to what they love by doing what she loves.

That kind of passion helped bring West Chester University athletic trainer Nicole Cattano into the spotlight for National Athletic Trainers’ Month in a Philadelphia Inquirer Q&A by Brian Cammarota.

The Cochranville professional has been at WCU for 12 years of her 15-year career, now serving the men’s and women’s basketball teams.

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“Love what you do and become as involved as you can,” she said of aspiring athletic trainers. “The athletic training community is tight-knit, and the profession can be very rewarding. There will always be people who don’t know or may not fully understand/appreciate what you do. Don’t get frustrated; see it as an opportunity to educate and make a difference.”

Cattano has made the most difference in the area of her specialty, post-traumatic osteoarthritis after knee injury.

“I am very passionate about trying to educate people about this long-term risk and in trying to find ways to prevent this debilitating condition,” she said. “I am happy to say that we have integrated injury prevention programs with our teams as a primary and secondary measure to try to help with this. These programs can help reduce injuries by as much as 50 percent.”

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