Wayne’s Evolve IP Releases New International Product Suite


Wayne’s Evolve IP has released Global Evolved Office, the cloud service company’s international Unified Communications as a Service software suite.

The new products provide users with the same feature-rich calling experience as the company’s cloud communications services. These include Local Number Portability and Direct Inward Dialing, as well as Evolve IP’s business collaboration features.

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GEO is currently available in more than 20 European countries, and is expected to become available in Australia, New Zealand, and several countries in the Asia Pacific region in the second quarter of 2017.

In addition to its new product, Evolve IP also provides DID services to users in an additional 30 countries from Europe, Asia, Central America, and South America. For those businesses with locations outside the company’s core footprint, Evolve IP provides an international hybrid model that provides near-universal coverage for customers across the globe.

“We have been actively expanding our international capabilities over the last two years and are very excited by the growth opportunities that GEO will provide,” said Guy Fardone, President and Founding Partner of Evolve IP.

“To date, we’ve supported these initiatives through innovative product development, and the next phase is an extension to the geographies where our customers have led us.”

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