Chadds Ford Resident, Pro Golfer on Return to Masters: ‘It’s Like Heaven’s Gates Are Opening’

Chadds Ford resident Sean O’Hair has sparked an amazing career comeback by earning a trip to the Masters at Augusta National after five years away. Image via YouTube.

It’s been five years since he last stepped foot on the fabled Augusta National Golf Club — after making six of seven from 2006 to 2012 — but the only PGA Tour player who currently lives in the Philadelphia area is ready to drive his comeback to new levels.

Texas native and Chadds Ford resident Sean O’Hair steps into the Masters field ranked 85th and having earned the 57th-most money this season: about $740,000, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer report by Mike Kern.

“Once you know you’re going to Augusta, I think it brings a smile to your face,” O’Hair said. “My main goal is to get back into the Top 50 and get in all the events. But the Masters just separates itself.”

Which makes for an extra special experience, not only for O’Hair, but for his wife and four children.

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“I want to enjoy every part of the experience. You know, looking around and soaking it in,” he said. “Obviously, I’d love to play well. But you never know when you’re going to come back. The PGA is a major, but it changes every year. The U.S. Open is great, but I can go down the street when I’m off and play Merion and get a feel for what a U.S. Open is like.

“You can’t just go to Augusta anytime you want. It can’t be replicated. It’s almost like heaven’s gates are just kind of opening. You sense you’re on sacred ground.”

And this year, that ground is even more sacred for O’Hair, who has resurrected a career that many would have given up on.

“When there’s college heroes who lose it, more often than not, you never hear from them again. There’s even been some No. 1 players who’ve done that,” he said. “I’ve been pretty proud of coming back from the dead, as you would say.”

Read more about O’Hair’s comeback and his chance to play Augusta National again in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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