New Consultant Helps Local Ag Sales Grow


Image of Connie McCaw via Guest Experience Management Services.

A few simple tips can help local farmers boost their financial yields from fresh produce sales.

That was the message from the Chester County Economic Development Council, which brought in a Chester County hospitality and customer service expert to assist farmers in capitalizing on the trend to buy local, according to a Daily Local News report by Brian McCullough.

“Each customer is unique,” said Guest Experience Management Services President Connie McCaw. “Learn to observe the customer and deal with them in a manner that puts them most at ease.”

Boosting ag sales starts with creating a first impression that provides a competitive advantage — a welcoming smile with eye contact and warm body language.

The next key is conversation and engaged attention.

And lastly, share the story of where the food comes from.

“You are not just selling lettuce,” McCaw said. “You have brought to market lettuce that was picked this morning and was grown on your family farm, a farm that is a fifth-generation small business. Tell the story: how the crop is grown, what is so special about where it is grown, who harvested the crop. People buy with their hearts and minds.”

Read more about McCaw’s advice for helping ag sales grow in the Daily Local News here.


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