Malvern Resident, Beer Blogger Pens His Passion


Image of Bryan Kolesar via Lauren Little, Reading Eagle.

For Malvern’s Bryan Kolesar, a good beer turned into a good homebrew, which turned into an after-hours hobby that has fermented into a passion, and the entire journey has been chronicled in his Brew Lounge blog.

Kolesar is now a well-known beer blogger who also serves as an Ale Street News column writer, a contributor to County Lines Magazine and the Town Dish, and the author of the travelogue Beer Lover’s Mid-Atlantic: Best Breweries, Brewpubs, and Beer Bars, according to a Reading Eagle report by Don Botch.

“It’s certainly rooted in a passion for good beer,” Kolesar said. “As the blog got rolling, it opened up doors, and I met people. I’ve made friends with brewers and bar owners and reps, and got interested in the people side of it.”

And places too.

Kolesar’s work is crafted around everything that makes a beer remarkable, like what you eat with it. The Levante Brewing Co. in West Chester, for example, has earned one of his top five pairings for its Kolibri Kolsch and fish tacos from one of the food trucks on-site Thursdays through Sundays.

“Even for me, no matter how interested I am in beer, I still find it more interesting to talk about the context around the beer,” he said. “I love sitting at a good pub and drinking a good beer, but I’m interested in the conversation I’m going to have with the guy next to me or the bartender or what’s just down the street that’s interesting. It’s a lifestyle, and more so now than ever.”

Read more about Kolesar’s beer blog and book in the Reading Eagle here.

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