With Several Women in Senior Positions, First Resource Breaks Mold for Banking

Diana Mattingly, left, manages the Exton branch of First Resource Bank, while Pam Finkbiner manages the West Chester branch.

First Resource Bank LogoThere once was a time when the only women working at a bank were the ones who either greeted you at the reception desk or cashed your check at the teller window.

Beyond that, women rarely occupied the offices in a bank, as men traditionally held the positions of power within the industry.

Those days are now ancient history, courtesy of the likes of First Resource Bank, a public company founded in 2005 that has two branches, one in Exton and the other in West Chester.

Of its 37 employees, 23 are female, and many occupy the highest positions.

Lauren Ranalli is the Chief Financial Officer, Lisa Donnon is the Chief Lending Officer, Natalie Carrozza is the Chief Operating Officer, and Robin DiMattei is the Cash Management Officer.

Diana Mattingly manages the Exton branch, while Pam Finkbiner does likewise in West Chester.

“We’ve always looked to grow our bank with strong leaders who can help propel us to the next level,” said Ranalli. “The fact that we have managed to create amazing leadership opportunities for women along the way is a great bonus that we are very proud of.

“Our employees are the reason we’re having such tremendous success, and why our customers are having success through the special attention they receive from our team.”

Although we are two decades into the 21st century, women remain underrepresented in senior positions at banks and other financial firms.

“Some of this may be a legacy of what has not only been a male-dominated society,” said Barry Ritholtz of Bloomberg, “but it probably also reflects an industry that is particularly resistant to change.”

That certainly hasn’t been the case at First Resource Bank.

The 39-year-old Mattingly, who grew up in Delaware County and now lives in Parkesburg, has 16 years of banking experience on her resume. She was first promoted to management level in 2007.

“What I love doing, personally, is community outreach,” said Mattingly. “And I think that serves me well in my position. I do a lot of volunteer work, and I serve on the boards of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce and the Women’s Business Connection. Networking has helped me to build great relationships.

“You’re seeing more women on the lending side now and in corporate positions. It’s great to be a part of that.”

Finkbiner, 53, who has lived her entire life in Chester County, graduated from Owen J. Roberts High School. After operating her home-based hair-dressing business, she transitioned into banking in 2007, knowing it would fulfill her interest in numbers and her passion for customer service.

“I just love working with people, the interaction,” she said. “I always enjoyed the financial end of my business as well. And to be able to put a smile on a customer’s face after you’ve helped them is great.”

Finkbiner’s recipe for success as a professional is simple.

“Dedication and responsibility,” she said. “That’s what it’s all about. If you give more than 100 percent and never settle for average, you will exceed expectations and generate success.

“That’s what we do at First Resource Bank. We want our customers raving about us, telling their friends, family, and colleagues about us, because that word of mouth is really the best referral.”

Ranalli knows the bank’s future is in great hands with women like Mattingly and Finkbiner on the front lines.

“They run their branches like they are their own small businesses,” she said. “Their background, intelligence, experience, and incredible work ethic allow us great flexibility, as they are decision-makers in their offices.”

First Resource Bank is fortunate to have Mattingly and Finkbiner aboard, considering their connection to the community is something that can’t be taught.

“Diana and Pam have their finger on the pulse of what Chester County needs from our bank,” said Ranalli. “They understand what is going on in their market, and what it’s like to live and run a business in Chester County.

“As a customer, when you talk to them, you’re talking with individuals who can actually make something happen. Many of the changes we’ve made over the last few years have come from feedback customers gave Diana and Pam. Now, those changes have become our hallmark.”

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