Chester County Briefly: The University of Valley Forge, #SEPTAgeddon, Bentley Systems, Brandywine Hospital and Jennersville Regional

Byron Klaus, D. Min, will serve the University of Valley Forge as interim president, the University announced.

Brief items on people, businesses, and towns in Chester County. This morning:

The University of Valley Forge has announced Byron Klaus as interim president, effective July 1, 2016. Klaus follows Don Meyer, Ph.D., who transitions to president emeritus after serving and leading the University of Valley Forge for more than 19 years. The search for a new permanent president will continue.

According to a report by Rick Kauffman for 21st Century Media, some Chester County commutes may continue to be slowed by SEPTA delays.

“Depending on the time of day, the hashtags #SEPTAgeddon and #SEPTApocalypse may or may not have overstated the hassle many commuters experienced Tuesday morning as many returned to work from the holiday weekend,” Kauffman writes.

Shell and Exton’s Bentley Systems have announced a new global software framework agreement.

“Shell deserves credit for leading the energy industry to find innovative ways to continue to improve the affordability of capital projects, through the efficiency and predictability achievable through CII’s Advanced Work Packaging playbook.” said Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley in a press release.

Brandywine Hospital and Jennersville Regional Hospital are reminding patients that they offer lung cancer screenings after Vice President Joe Biden delivered a speech at the Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington D.C.

“Too often, when a patient is diagnosed with lung cancer, he or she is already presenting with symptoms and in advanced stages of the disease, when treatment options are minimal,” explains Radiologist Laurence Spitzer, M.D., who spearheaded the creation of the Jennersville Regional Hospital Lung Screening Program