Chester County Preps To Sue For Uncollected Emergency Fees

Chester County Courthouse Vista Today Justice Center

Telecommunications providers may have missed an important call about collecting fees from businesses to help pay for county 911 services. Chester County recently filed papers in court illustrating that the $7.2 million it received from 911 surcharges last year made up only about half of its spending on emergency systems, according to a report.

Next week the county is likely to sign an agreement that would launch an official legal review and audit into how much, if any, money is owed to government coffers. Chesco officials are following Delaware County’s lead in suing telecom companies for more than $40 million for uncollected fees over six years.

According to a Wednesday announcement, preliminary figures put the amount underbilled and uncollected at $6.5 million or more annually and $40 million in total — primarily from medium to large business customers.

The article noted that telecom companies like Verizon, however, doubt the accuracy of the analysis by Phone Recovery Services, which has prompted audits here and across the country in recent months. If authorized, Phone Recovery Services and Philly law firm Dilworth Paxson will be investigating the matter.

Read more about the prep work for a potential lawsuit on here.

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