Mars Drinks: Using Its Energy for Gender Equality


Mars Drinks is furthering the cause of gender equality by partnering with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) in an initiative to better understand the effects of gender inequality in the coffee sector. Although seemingly an odd area to address this issue, the coffee sector is a prime example of how a commodity as commonplace as coffee, can highlight this serious issue in South America.

The initiative is only at the research stage at this time, but other big names have already come on board such as ACDI/VOCA Falcon Coffees and AMFOTEK. With this kind of support it is hoped that the study will help people to better understand the effects of gender inequality in the sector and promote the introduction of best practices that will further gender integration in the coffee supply chain.

The main tools to get the message across include a detailed literary review and a series of workshops across four key countries such as Columbia and Nicaragua. The aim is to use people’s participation to springboard these initial stages into concrete action plans for pilot projects, additional partnerships and further investment.

The main issues according to CQI’s vice president of strategic partnerships, Kimberly Easson, is “to address the growing supply risks linked to climate change, plant disease, and out-migration from farming communities”  with a view to being able to “leverage the full capabilities of both men and women in the supply chain”.

Samantha Veide, the global director of corporate sustainable solutions, at West Chester, PA, based Mars Drinks said “At Mars Drinks we are excited to partner with CQI to research how gender equity can build stronger coffee communities and more resilient supply chains”  with end goal of “empowering women coffee farmers.”

For more details read the full story here.


Top photo from Mars Youtube Page

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