Exton Gene Therapy Developer Fibrocell Science Nears Second New Drug Application


After investing almost $3 million more cash in its operations, including $1 million more than the same quarter a year ago for gene therapy research and development, Exton-based Fibrocell Science announced it has cleared a key government advisory committee review and is nearing its second major investigational new drug application, according to the company’s latest quarterly report.

“We have made great progress advancing our pipeline, and we are continuing this momentum going forward,” Chairman and CEO David Pernock said in the announcement.

Meanwhile, Fibrocell’s leading drug candidate, for the treatment of vocal cord scarring, is in the midst of the second of three clinical trial phases, and clearance for the development of a stump skin prevention therapy for Wounded Warrior amputees was granted and is now pending grant funding. Fibrocell is also working on a treatment for the autoimmune disease linear scleroderma.

The report noted insignificant revenues and $37.5 million left in cash.


Top photo credit: IMG_8690cr – Double Helix via photopin (license)


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