Jennersville Regional Hospital Now Offers CAT Scans With Reduced Radiation

photo credit: CAT scan via photopin (license)

Jennersville Regional Hospital in West Grove recently installed technology that reduces the amount of radiation necessary to perform many of the common CAT scan studies ordered by physicians for diagnosis and treatment.

“This is particularly important for children, older patients and those whose medical condition requires repeated studies,” said Dr. Tracy Carmellini.  “Since CT technology was first introduced in the mid-1970s, each new generation developed has improved image resolution.  More recent advancements also focused on reducing radiation needed without sacrificing image quality.”

Dr. Carmellini said the new technology offers high resolution as well as less radiation, and scans at a faster rate, so patients don’t have to hold their breath as long. A 12-inch television screen plays movie clips or cartoons to help calm younger patients.

Andy Guz, CEO, said JRH is continually investing in new technologies to benefit patients. The hospital has a new MRI for breast studies and new ultrasound equipment with enhanced 3D  for gynecologic and urologic studies.  JRH plans to add 3D mammography this spring.

The 63-bed facility has more than 100 medical staff members offering inpatient and outpatient services including 24-hour emergency care, orthopedics, cancer care, surgical services and obstetrics.
Top photo credit: CAT scan via photopin (license)


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