Berwyn-Based Tax Company Vertex Boasts Paid Sabbaticals For Employees

Jeff Westphal, Head of Vertex

It’s one thing for the CEO of a 900-employee tax solutions company to personally take eight weeks of vacation each year and an occasional sabbatical. It’s quite another thing to offer the same opportunity to each and every employee — and pay for it.

But in Berwyn, that’s exactly what is happening with Vertex Inc. Not only does an employee get up to eight weeks of paid vacation per year, but he or she also gets at least one month-long paid sabbatical, typically at around 15 years of seniority, according to a recent article.

“The purpose is get away from work and enjoy life,” CEO Jeff Westphal said in the report. “The only time most people get to do that is when they are changing jobs, and that’s a highly stressful time, or when they retire. The letters I get from people when they come back from their time off are priceless. And, it hasn’t hurt our productivity. It has helped our productivity. It hasn’t hurt anything, and people just really love it.”

For Westphal, it’s all part of putting into action a conviction of maintaining work-life balance and leading by example.

Read much more about Vertex’s paid sabbatical and Westphal’s own sabbatical experiences on here.


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