Radnor’s VWR And Its Customers Are Recycling Used Lab Gowns Into Useful Composites


VWR of Radnor is recycling plastic waste from single-use laboratory garments through its “Gown Up, Give Back” program.

Used lab garments are now being recycled into resin and used to make permanent infrastructure – including composite decking, railroad ties and drainage pipes.

The new easy-to-use garment recycling program provides a waste collection, shipment and recycling solution for VWR clients. Most single-use garments are eligible, providing they are free from contamination and purchased from VWR.

This is the second recycling program launched by VWR.  “From the Lab Bench to the Park Bench,” begun two years ago, has helped to divert more than 230,000 pipet tip boxes, equal to 40,000 pounds of waste, from landfills.

The plastic waste collected in the U.S. and Canada for that program is pelletized and converted into park benches and other eco-friendly products. VWR said its committed customers are making its recycling programs a success.

“We will continue to do our part to reduce the environmental impact along our supply chain and look forward to partnering with our customers to grow these programs in the future as we help enable science through our solutions,” said spokesman Mark McLoughlin.

VWR is a leading, independent provider of laboratory products, services and solutions with worldwide sales of more than $4.1 billion.

Top photo credit: RDECOM via photopin cc