West Chester Building May Get Luxury Hotel Makeover From Myles Land & Improvement


The iconic Farmers & Mechanics Building in the heart of West Chester may get a luxury makeover if local officials sign off on a fresh proposal from owner Myles Land & Improvement Co.

Malcolm Johnstone (Courtesy of www.sbnonline.com)
Malcolm Johnstone (Courtesy of www.sbnonline.com)

“The applicant believes that a posh, boutique hotel with accessory high-end eating and drinking facilities will allow for the adaptive reuse of the F&M Building,” legal representative Brian L. Nagle said in a Daily Local News article.

Early sketch plans for the office-to-hotel makeover include a first-floor restaurant, roof deck swimming pool and 40 luxury rooms.

Though the proposal would need to endure several reviews and hearings, West Chester Business Improvement District Executive Director Malcolm Johnstone noted the project could fill a need.

“West Chester is a destination here in the Brandywine Valley that is hot enough to support hotels,” he said in the article.

Read more about the early details of the proposal and the historic building’s past in the Daily Local News here.