Proposed New School Shuts Down Phoenixville Golf Course


Despite teeing off against the Phoenixville Area School District in a legal battle over its fairways and greens, the Meadow Brook Golf Club came up short in its latest round of attempts to save the 80-year-old course.9.29.2014 Meadow Brook Golf Club

There remains a legal case, but the affordable destination for casual golfers is now closed and empty, according to a report.

The school district achieved that end by employing eminent domain to seize the 50-acre golf club, upon which it plans to expand the campus of its adjacent middle and high schools by building a new elementary school and early learning center. The construction is hoped to begin next fall and finish in time for the 2017 school year.

“The family had been willing to sell the property for years and even negotiated with the district, according to Superintendent Alan Fegley,” the article stated. “Officials had to use eminent domain when the owners wouldn’t budge on an $8 million asking price, more than double a recent evaluation, they said. The final sale price has not yet been decided and could be settled through negotiations or by a judge.”

Read more about the legal battle and recent closure of Meadow Brook on here.

Top photo credit: spyder239 via photopin cc

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