Archer & Buchanan Designs College’s New Spiritual Center

Grove City College

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, a West Chester architect, recently had the honor of expanding the storied legacy of Grove City College, a Christian liberal arts institution north of Pittsburgh.

7.16.2014 Dan Russoniello
Dan Russoniello

Archer & Buchanan Architecture designed the new Rathburn Hall (above) as a two-story, 16,500-square-foot complement to Grove City’s spired 1929 Harbison Chapel, and the $7 million project continued the century-old master plan defined by successive quadrangles.

“The goal was to focus the spiritual life on campus by bringing the 23 student-run ministries that were scattered across campus into one place,” said Principal Dan Russoniello in a Traditional Building Magazine article describing the project.

Read the entire Traditional Building Magazine article describing the firm’s careful approach and intricate details that blended contemporary demands with the historic surroundings on Archer & Buchanan’s website here.