Ricoh Americas Announces New Products, Cloud Marketing Services


Ricoh Americas Corporation of Malvern continues to roll out innovative products including a business-class group videoconferencing system and a high-end business-class projection system.

The videoconferencing system integrates voice, video and data sharing. The firm combined two communication and projection systems to allow groups to meet virtually for quicker and more informed decision making.

The new high-end business-class projection systems give customers in businesses, schools, government agencies and houses of worship new ways to make information work for them in today’s dynamic communications environment. The projection systems display bright, crisp images as large as 25 feet diagonally from distances of up to 45 feet. They come in a choice of formats and extend Ricoh’s rapidly expanding audiovisual product line to provide greater flexibility to systems integrators.

Also, Ricoh announced 1to1 Create Marketing Services powered by PTI Marketing Technologies, is now available. The cloud-based subscription service aims to help small to medium sized print service providers create, launch, track, manage, modify and optimize turnkey cross-media marketing campaigns.

Ricoh piloted the program with Graphics Plus, an Illinois marketing support solutions provider, which leveraged the service to deliver impressive results for a local health club seeking to increase membership at their expanded facility. Early campaign results showed a more than 10 percent increase in facility attendance. .

7.2.2014 Michael Jais
Michael Jais

“Our client sought to launch a cross-media campaign that truly covered multiple touch points to attract prospective members to their expanded gym,” said Michael Jais, partner, Graphics Plus.

“Its previous marketing campaigns were static and had little to no personalization. 1to1 Create Marketing Services provided us with an intuitive interface to quickly and effectively develop personalized output, both printed and electronic, to reach our targeted demographic. We were impressed, not only with the effectiveness of the campaign, but the overall process, as well. The platform is dynamic and requires minimal training. Those benefits resulted in an experience we’re eager to share with more clients.”

The service offers a cloud-based platform that provides small to medium sized printers with a website portal equipped with all the tools, templates and tips needed to execute marketing campaigns. The platform offers solutions to select prepared graphics, target customers’ audiences, acquire mailing lists, set pricing and more.

Ricoh is focused on information mobility to help customers get information to those who need it, when they need it, to make critical business decisions.