Vertex Delivers Message Of International Legal Change


Berwyn-based Vertex, Inc. recently helped deliver a strong message about quickly changing legal systems to international business tax technology professions.

5.7.2014 David Susskind
Prof. Richard Susskind

Prof. Richard Susskind, OBE, was the featured speaker for the annual Vertex Exchange Europe Conference at the Waldorf Hilton in London.

Susskind, author of “The End of Lawyers” and “Tomorrow’s Lawyers,” has been telling attorneys and those who read his columns in The Times newspaper that legal institutions and lawyers will change more in the next two decades than they have during the past two centuries.

Vertex, a leading provider of corporate enterprise tax solutions and services, chose Susskind to clue business tax professionals in about how technology will change their income tax work

“Tax professionals are under pressure to accomplish more work than ever before, while reducing costs and internal head count in the midst of very difficult economic conditions,” said Susskind.

“This dilemma will define the next decade for tax professionals, and from a technology perspective, the industry will need providers to deliver advanced technology and services at more affordable costs in order to keep pace with increased compliance requirements,” he said

Susskind identified big data and artificial intelligence as powerful trends that can leverage data and provide insight.

“Alternative and innovative types of technology can be harnessed to work more efficiently and more strategically because in the future of tax, automated compliance will not be an option, it will be unavoidable,” Susskind said.

Susskind, who advises international firms and national governments, is well-respected in the industry. He offered unique insights on tax and technology as they apply to international tax issues, and suggested what professionals and companies can do to respond to the continuing demands of corporate tax.

5.7.2014 Jeff WestPhal
Vertex CEO Jeff Westphal

Jeff Westphal, chief executive officer of Vertex, Inc., said Susskind underscored the impact that emerging technologies can have in the tax world by helping companies to organize big data and compete in the ever-changing, global tax landscape.

Vertex, Inc. was founded in 1978. The privately held company employs more than 800 professionals worldwide at its offices in Berwyn, London, Brazil, Dallas, Fort Collins, Naperville, Phoenix and Sarasota.

The firm’s Vertex® Enterprise is a data-driven, open-architecture approach to tax technology that integrates all direct and indirect tax processes and technologies with host financial system applications on a single platform. The result, according to the company, is increased efficiency, control, transparency and improved confidence in decision making for tax and finance departments.


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