Malvern CEO Releases $100 “Life Changing” Book


Sgt Gast

Ron Strobel, president of Malvern-based Videonet, Inc., has combined his story-telling talents, business experience and military service to author a book that explains how to get results and accomplish goals through a new paradigm.

Ron Strobel
Ron Strobel

Strobel has been named one of the TOP 100 Video Producers in America by AV MultiMedia Magazine. He has been responsible for more than 1000 video shoots and has worked with more than 450 clients worldwide. He has been a freelance freelance television cameraman for CNN, ESPN, Disney and many others. He is a field producer for E! Entertainment, MTV and Extra. Director of six independent films, he has worked with many celebrities, including Bruce Willis, Colin Powell and Tim McGraw.

Strobel‘s book Sgt. Gast: Conversations With a Cosmic Warrior,  “is about being white-hot laser focused,” Strobel said. “To attain focus, you first have to believe. Readers will notice the unobvious by uncovering certain myths. With this book in their hands, readers will have an opportunity to gain a new understanding of what I call authentic accomplishment; that is getting results by design.”

The cost of Sgt. Gast, the uniquely designed, produced and written book, is $100.00.

“The book has a very limited quantity of 250 and each one is numbered, seal-stamped and initialed by me,” Strobel said. “The book contains 38 never-before-seen photos and the personal craftsmanship of the book guarantees it stand out from every other book. If anyone doesn’t believe the book itself is a work of art or that the content is not as described, a full refund will be given within 30 days of purchase.”

Readers of Sgt. Gash will experience a remarkable journey of self-discovery, leading to a new mastery of their own lives, according to Strobel. “The brilliant new ideas introduced are simple, yet revolutionary in scope,” he said. “You will never be able to control all of your circumstances, but you can learn to control your response to them. Most responses are made automatically, as a conditioned response to an arsenal of stored beliefs. Awareness of this phenomenon allows you the opportunity to use it as a counselor, giving options. Readers will enjoy the moment they newly discover their selves, their magnificence. After all, the planet is our playground.”5.24.2014 Sgt Gast2

Strobel said he first started thinking about writing Sgt. Gast in the early 1980’s. “I was the owner of a real estate firm and business was not going well. I needed therapy and my therapy was to write down things I had learned in the past. I initially used bullet points to express a topic or idea but somewhere along the line I figured I needed a hero. A hero for me was my platoon sergeant in the Army while I was stationed in Korea. His name was Sergeant Gast. When I first met him I had a sense he was a leader and someone I could trust with my life.”

Strobel recalls being 18 years old and working as a draftsman for the Philadelphia Gear Corporation when receiving a letter from the government notifying he was on the brink of being drafted. “A majority of my friends were drafted and sent to Vietnam and some didn’t return. It was 1968,” Strobel said. “Since I had a little time I sold my possessions, purchased a Harley and headed to California to live it up before my service began. I want to live a little. Let the party begin, I thought. I talked with my mother every week and one day the letter came ordering me to report to Norristown, Pennsylvania. I returned home and did my basic training at Fort Bragg and advanced infantry training at Fort Ord, California, before flying to South Korea.”

For 15 months, beginning in 1967, Strobel served in South Korea with the Second Battalion, Twenty-third Infantry Division. He spent nights in foxholes guarding the dangerous Demilitarized Zone. To help stay awake in freezing weather, Strobel began a journal about a time traveler who inherits a mission to plant the seeds of a new idea to reboot the people of earth.

“Gast was there for the first three months and it was a scary time. He was a real soldier. So much of the Sgt. Gast book is coincident but I guess life is that way. When he departed Korea we asked him to send us a cake from America and he did so. For some reason I never threw away the letter he sent with the cake. For decades that was my last connection with him.

“As I was writing the book I contacted him by using the address on the letter to see if would approve using his name. When I looked at the letter I discovered his first name, Vernon. Until that point I didn’t know he had one other than sergeant. I looked up his number and called and at first talked to his wife. She said she would have him call me. When he did I told him this would be the strangest phone call he’ll ever have. I explained the book and I sent him the manuscript to read. He agreed to have his named used as the main character.”

Strobel said his goal was to make the book to look cool and be entertaining for readers. “I’ve won a number of video awards so I wanted the book to be appealing. On one level, the audience for this book is everyone but the people who will most benefit are those who are goal oriented. If people read the book and absorb the messages, the book will help them reach their goals.”

St. Gast is Strobel’s second book. He has also written Video Makes Cents. To obtain a copy of Sgt. Gast go to or to reach Strobel directly call 610-647-3242 or email him at


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