Two of the Best Hoagies in Southeastern Pennsylvania are in Chester County


Image via Lorenzo's Steaks on the East Side.

While Philadelphia might be the best place to find a hoagie, there are numerous spots throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania to find that perfect bite, and two of them are in Chester County, writes Jen O’Mara for The Keystone News.

Out of the eight hoagie shops listed that rival Philadelphia, one in Phoenixville and another in West Chester are vying for the title of tastiest in the area.

Bob’s Haven Deli in Phoenixville boasts their own variety of hoagie that they call a “zep.” In business for over 60 years, Bob’s Haven Deli has been keeping it real and simple with their sandwiches.

What determines the zep is a long roll, one meat choice, one cheese choice, pieces of onion and tomato, along with salt, pepper, oregano.

In West Chester, Lorenzo’s Steaks on the East Side stays classic with their hoagies. They offer breakfast, wings, cheesesteaks, and other delectable menu items, yet The Keystone News prefers their Nigerian option: a hoagie that includes American cheese, roast beef, turkey, tomato, lettuce, and onions.

The owner of the second-generation shop, Christos Moscharis, grew up in West Chester and took over the shop from his father.

Read more about the best hoagies in Southeastern Pennsylvania in The Keystone News.


Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on VISTA Today in May 2023.

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