Apex Commercial Capital Looks Beyond the Numbers to Foster Growth of Small Businesses


Apex Commercial Capital
Apex Commercial Capital is led by (clockwise from top left) Andrew Tauber, Jaime Weinstein, Claire Gorton, Andrew Fraone, Donald Wampler, and Kevin Boyer.
Apex Commercial Capital

Apex Commercial Capital, which specializes in commercial mortgage lending and equipment financing, fosters business growth in a distinctive way: by offering a unique blend of financial products and services that transcend traditional metrics. Apex prides itself on being a lender that looks beyond the numbers — the company views its customers as more than just a credit score — and focuses on the broader aspects of business success.

For more than 30 years, experts at the Horsham-based lender have been crafting specialized strategies and solutions designed to propel businesses forward.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and so we have immeasurable pride at supporting their growth and financial success,” said Andrew Tauber, President of Apex, a Firstrust Bank subsidiary that was formed in 2022 from the merger of Apex Mortgage Corporation and Firstlease, Inc. “We always consider it a privilege to offer them products tailored to their individual needs.”

It seems only fitting that Apex treats its clients like family, considering how Firstrust, which recently celebrated its 90th birthday, has been owned by three generations of the Green family — Samuel, Daniel, and Richard — who’ve always managed the company with a lasting dedication to helping local communities.

“We take a holistic approach to our customers; our team is deeply committed to knowing the stories behind their numbers,” said Tauber, who is also an Executive Vice President at Firstrust and who boasts three decades of experience in commercial lending and specialty finance. “That enables us to offer solutions that make a difference. Our desire to see our clients succeed fuels our work every day.”

Such an approach — to play a role as a critical partner for small businesses aiming to expand their horizons — distinguishes Apex from its competitors.

“Because we carry forward a legacy of dedication and serving communities, we make decisions based on our customers’ stories and our understanding of their unique challenges,” said Tauber. “We have an ability to hold our loans in our own portfolio, which allows us the flexibility to provide more personalized support.”

Indeed, Apex thrives on building relationships, and it’s those genuine connections that make customers feel secure.

“We provide certainty of execution through our reliability and integrity,” said Tauber.

At the heart of Apex’s offerings are its commercial mortgages and equipment financing solutions. Whether it’s purchasing new property, refinancing existing loans, or acquiring essential equipment, Apex ensures that its clients have access to flexible, business-friendly financing options.

Understanding the key role of equipment in a business’s operations, Apex collaborates with equipment suppliers and commercial businesses to streamline the financing process. That enables it to adapt to the evolving needs of businesses, ensuring that they can continue to innovate and improve their services.

“We try to take the strain out of getting a loan, which enables customers to innovate and expand and excel at their business,” said Tauber, whose expertise also includes business development, risk management, strategic planning, and organizational development. “Anybody who is financing equipment through us — revenue-generating equipment, new advanced equipment — is going to increase their efficiency and gain a stronger competitive edge in their respective industry. It’s all about empowering businesses with the tools they need to thrive.”

In addition to Tauber’s leadership, Apex Commercial Capital is led by Jaime Weinstein (operations), Claire Gorton (finance and accounting), Andrew Fraone (commercial mortgage), Donald Wampler (equipment finance), and Kevin Boyer (credit and collections).

Learn more about how Apex Commercial Capital recognizes that one size does not fit all in small business financing.

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