N.Y. Times: West Chester Photographer Minh Cao Discusses the Rise of Pre-Wedding Photoshoots


bride in wedding robe
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As the wedding industry is coming back into full swing, many photographers such as Minh Cao are seeing “getting ready,” photoshoots.

As the wedding industry is coming back into full swing post-pandemic, many photographers are seeing the revival of “getting ready,” photoshoots, such as West Chester’s Minh Cao, writes Chloe Anello for The New York Times.  

“More thought goes into how that part of the day should be captured,” said Cao, owner of Du Soleil Photographie. “I’ve definitely seen the getting ready portion of the day getting more complex.” 

With the rise of social media, brides-to-be want the opportunity to show off all the work that goes into getting ready for their special day. Some of these are more elaborate than others.  

Bespoke bridal robes from select designers, such as Lauren Holovka can range from $2,550 to nearly $6,000 and take six months to create. Designers, however, actually recommend another robe to wear while getting hair and makeup done.  

It’s a luxury that can be versatile, as robes, usually unlike wedding dresses, can be worn again.  

Read more about the rise of “getting ready” photoshoots and how designers and photographers are benefitting from the trend in The New York Times.  

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