Former Malvern Prep Turned Notre Dame Lacrosse Star Helps Team Win National Championship

Quinn McCahon
Image via Philly Lacrosse.
Quinn McCahon.

Quinn McCahon, a Malvern Prep turned Notre Dame star, had a great showing during the NCAA Division I Men’s Lacrosse final, writes Matthew De George for Philly Lacrosse

He helped the Fightin’ Irish win their first national championship in a game that ended 13-9. 

Among the more impressive moves during the game, McCahon took full advantage of a 10-man ride alarm while being upfield with the ball in the second quarter of the game. 

“It was a great read from our bench, screaming out ’10 man’ to say that the goal was open,” said McCahon. “I was seeing if the attackman was there for an outlet because he had the goalie, I saw the goal open.” 

So he decided to take the shot. 

“I thought I missed it,” he said. “I couldn’t see from that far away. But luckily it went in, and it was a crazy goal.” 

And his laser beam from midfield put Notre Dame up 6-1 near the end of the first half of the game. The team managed to ride that advantage to its first championship. 

 “It means so much,” said McCahon. 

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