Five Signs of a Toxic Workplace

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While every workplace has its ups and downs, there are surefire signs of a toxic workplace. Here’s traits to look out for, according to Forbes.  

Poor Communication 

If management and team members are unable to effectively communicate with one another, it can breed discontent. Experts suggest having quarterly check-in meetings where everyone has a chance to speak.  

Selfish Goals 

If managers only have themselves in mind when it comes to goals, this could cause mental health problems amongst team members.  


If you notice that your coworkers are ‘mentally checked out’ of their projects or day-to-day work, they’re probably disengaged.  

High Turnover Rate 

Always seeing new faces but never getting to know them before they dissappear? Your workplace’s high turnover rate could be indicative of a high stress environment, hostile relationships, and poor management.  


Nothing is wrong with a little healthy competition, however if you notice that it’s causing tension between your colleagues, it might be time to work towards a more collaborative environment.  

Read more about traits of a toxic workplace in Forbes.  

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