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SCORE Chester and Delaware Counties has free SCORE spring programs, including webinars and workshops to help your small business find its potential.

Make the Internet Work for YOU!

On May 23, from 6:30 to 7:30 PM., learn strategies for building a viable Internet Marketing Plan for your business.

This presentation will discuss the business aspect of Internet marketing, including goal setting and how to structure an Internet marketing campaign for success. Also included are six core internet marketing strategies you can use to drive traffic to your website.

The presentation concludes with insights into how artificial intelligence (AI) will be applied to Internet marketing.

Attendees will come away with actionable insights they can use to build a viable Internet Marketing Plan for their business.

About the Presenter

Cary Baskin is the owner of the Marketing Department in Malvern, a website, SEO, and digital marketing agency dedicated to helping clients build their brand, connect with their target market and generate leads. 

Since 2011, his marketing agency has helped solopreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses leverage the power of the Internet to market their business locally or nationally.

His career spans over 40 years where he developed and launched many products nationwide as well as global market development in Canada, Europe, SE Asia, and Japan while working for Fortune 100 companies and small local technology companies. Baskin has an MBA, Masters in Bioengineering a BSEE.

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Selling to the Federal Government

On Tuesday, May 23, starting at 1 PM, this webinar, led by SCORE expert business mentor and retired Northrup Grumman executive Karen Williams and the Deputy Director for the SBA’s Office of Government Contracting, Wallace D. Sermons II, will take you through the steps to sell to the federal government.

This is the second of two webinars in a series.

23+ percent of all prime government contract dollars are awarded to small businesses. If you are not already selling your product or service to the federal government, you may be missing out on a major market opportunity.

You’ll learn:

  • How to conduct market research to identify opportunities
  • About identifying subcontracting opportunities
  • How to market your product/service to prime contractors

If you are not already set up as a federal “small business,” you are encouraged to also attend the webinar: “Registering to Sell to the Federal Government Market” offered May 16.

Attendees will receive the presentation materials and a link to this webinar recording.

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In Person: Leanstack Canvas: Business Plan on a Page

On May 23, from 6:30 to 7:30 PM, at the Chester County Library & District Center, learn how to use the1-page business plan template that helps you deconstruct your idea into its key assumptions.

Leanstack Canvas is a business plan template that helps you deconstruct your idea into its key assumptions. It replaces elaborate business plans with a single-page business model.

Business plans take too long to write, are seldom updated, and are almost never read by others, but documenting your hypotheses is key. Leanstack Canvas solves this problem using a 1-page business model that takes under 20 minutes to create. 

Sign up now to create a business model that will be read by more people, be more easily updated, and let you focus on building your business – faster.

This live workshop takes place at 450 Exton Square Parkway in Exton.

About the Presenter

John Hess is a SCORE mentor volunteer and a professor at West Chester University where he teaches finance and entrepreneurship. 

He has more than 25 years of experience driving transformational change in senior leadership roles with global responsibility at Fortune 50 banking companies.

Hess is a public speaker and consultant on banking and systems topics as well as a township planning commissioner. He has a BS degree from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from Rutgers University.

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How to Overcome the Unique Challenges Facing AAPI Business Owners

Celebrate Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with SCORE and learn how to make your business stand out while staying true to your cultural identity.

A Thursday, May 25 webinar, starting at 1 PM, will feature the amazing business owner and SCORE volunteer Eva Chen. She’ll reveal powerful strategies to make your business stand out and stay true to your cultural identity.

During this event, you’ll learn how to balance the expectations of your culture with your own personal goals and what it takes to achieve success in America.

We’ll also discuss:

  • How to understand value systems and cultural programming, how to decode them and discover your authentic core values
  • Understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in America, from mindset to strategy and execution
  • How to connect the dots to your life to create a business that sets you apart and a brand that people are excited to support

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a true expert and move your business forward.

Live attendees will receive free business resources and a link to this webinar recording.

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SCORE is the nation’s largest network of volunteer business experts. It is dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals with a variety of SCORE new year tools like webinars and workshops.

Make a difference as a SCORE volunteer.

Since 1964, it has provided education and mentorship to more than 11 million entrepreneurs nationwide.

SCORE Chester and Delaware Counties has been operating since 1985. It has 100 dedicated volunteers today. They provide confidential mentoring at no charge. They offer business seminars, workshops, and SCORE webinars to benefit the local community.

SCORE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

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