These Local Spots Are Among This Summer’s Must-Try Ice Cream Shops in Chester County 

ice cream on scoops
Image via Handel's Homemade Ice Cream.

When summer heat starts, there is no better treat for both kids and adults than ice cream, writes Victoria Alfred-Levow for Main Line Today

While there are several classic ice cream chains to visit in the Main Line area, there are also plenty of independent ice cream shops that should be on your must-visit list this summer – and two of the best ones are right here in Chester County

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream in Berwyn offers delicious flavors with appropriately quirky names such as Elvis, Spouse Like a House, and Graham Central Station. Handel’s offers dozens of options to choose from, including several vegan offerings. 

Meanwhile, La Michoacana Ice Cream in Kennett Square is a 15-plus-year-old Mexican shop that gives you the option to sprinkle your ice cream scoop with chili powder and cinnamon. The shop offers several classic options, such as chocolate-dipped ice cream popsicles, as well as several exotic flavors including corn and guava. 

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