Owner of Pair of Kennett Square Eateries is Self-Made Restauranteur

Carlos Eric Vargas
Image via The Daily Local News.
Carlos Eric Vargas.

Owner of Kennett Square’s Kaboburritos and Kennett Chicken, Carlos Eric Vargas, stayed close to his cooking talent, worked hard, and used his creativity to help him grow into a successful restaurateur, writes Joan Holliday for The Daily Local News

“For me, I enjoyed cooking,” said Vargas. “I knew I was good at it.” 

Carlos, who lived in New Jersey, learned to cook at an early age with his mother. When it was time for high school, he convinced his parents to send him to Coatesville to attend Coatesville High School, which was a Blue-Ribbon school in the mid-1990s. 

He later worked as a restaurant kitchen manager in several restaurants, like the Mediterranean in West Chester. After spending four years in South Korea, he moved back to West Chester with his wife, Stephanie Swayne. 

So when an opportunity at The Market at Liberty Place in Kennett Square appeared, he decided to start his own business. 

Kaboburritos, a Mexiterranean Grill, has been open for eight years and is doing great. He opened Kennett Chicken two years ago, and it is also doing well. 

“We serve basic good food, placing an emphasis on ‘fresh,’” he said. 

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