Caln Township Youth Baseball Coach Gets Second Chance at Life After Stroke


John Monaghan, who has been coaching kids in Caln Township for years, is grateful to doctors who saved his life after he suffered a stroke, writes Beccah Hendrickson for 6ABC

Monaghan has been a youth baseball coach ever since his sons were old enough to play. However, that changed in 2021 with a medical emergency. After not feeling well, he went to Chester County Hospital and soon got airlifted to Penn Medicine. 

“I suspect they probably figured out what the problem was or what it might be, but they were calling it vertigo,” recalled Monaghan. 

The situation looked extremely dire for the coach. 

“It was the medical lottery, all these clots hit my heart as that flap popped up, went right up to my brain, and took me out,” he said. “They [the doctors] saved my life.” 

Those same doctors are now helping Monaghan get back on his feet and regain his life. He is relearning to walk and regaining his strength so he could walk out onto the field once again. 

“There’s a huge piece to it, that’s hard work and perseverance,” said Monaghan. 

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