Tech Experts Discuss Future of AI During Panel at Penn State Great Valley

AI panel
Image via PACT.
From right, James Thomason of Next Wave Partners, Caroline Yap of Google, and moderator Michael Bachman of Boomi.

“Good vs. Evil” was the subtitle of the artificial-intelligence panel held at Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies’ (PACT) annual Phorum conclave at Penn State Great Valley in Malvern earlier this month, writes Joseph N. DiStefano for The Philadelphia Inquirer

The six panelists discussed the rapid growth of AI programs such as ChatGPT. The main question was whether these AI applications will increase the speed and reach of human mental labor or will they take over human jobs and threaten humanity with irrelevance. 

According to James Thomason, co-founder of Next Wave Partners, the remaining “free” publishers will start charging for whatever they are not already selling. 

“Get used to paywalls,” Thomason advised. 

He also said that he supports calls for a “pause” in the development of AI until the government sets some standards. 

Meanwhile, Caroline Yap, director of AI Practice at Google, said there is no need to worry about the engineers’ jobs, at least for now. 

For example, “there are copyright issues on the material” that AI programs use that require careful consideration by those who want to use them commercially. 

“And you still have to train [AI] to your particular business,” she added. 

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