For a Finnish Goth Rock Star, Philadelphia Holds Special Place Thanks to West Chester’s Bam Margera

Ville Valo performing onstage.
Image via Youtube.
Ville Valo performing onstage.

West Chester-raised Bam Margera had made a name for himself in the professional skateboarding world. The Jackass star was on his European skateboarding tour when he first heard Finnish goth rock band HIM’s studio debut Razorblade Romance, writes Noah Zucker for The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

He tracked down the frontman and songwriter, Ville Valo to a London hotel. The pair hit it off and bonded over skateboard and metal music, and a friendship was born. Bam helped HIM perform their first gig in the U.S. at the Trocadero Theater in Philly. It was a debut party for the CKY TV series. 

“I remember the guys from CKY called me ‘Philly Valo’ for many years,” said Valo.  

Whenever Valo visited the U.S., he spent time with Bam and his family in West Chester. The bond between the pair was so strong that HIM allowed Bam to use their “heartagram” logo on his T-shirts and skateboards.  

Now, Valo is returning to Philly for a solo act. This will be his first U.S. solo tour which kicks off tonight at the Theater of Living Arts at 8 PM. He will perform again tomorrow at the same time.  

He released his self-produced solo album Neon Noir last year, and is excited to perform them for his home away from home.  

“Philadelphia holds a special place in my heart,” said Valo. “There’s some sort of spiritual connection there.” 

Read more about Ville Valo and his music in The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

Ville Valo’s music video for Neon Noir.

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