Downingtown Mom Miraculously Saved After Rare Complication During Childbirth


Kayleigh Summers, a Downingtown resident, was saved by a blood transfusion after she experienced a rare and often fatal complication while in childbirth, writes Beccah Hendrickson for 6ABC

The mom had a healthy pregnancy. However, once she was in the delivery room everything changed. She experienced an amniotic fluid embolism which required immediate blood transfusions to survive. 

As her son was being born via C-section, doctors had to do compressions on Summers to make sure she did not die. During that time, she coded twice. 

Around 80 percent of mothers who experience this kind of complication do not survive. Summers’ life was saved through her doctors’ quick action and blood. 

“They truly believed that I could survive this, and they just kept giving me blood and giving me blood to sustain and to keep me alive,” she said. “And 143 units later, that’s exactly what they did.” 

Summers tattooed her son’s birthday on her arm along with the two times she coded and the number of units of blood she received to survive. Over three years later, both the mother and her son are healthy and happy. 

Read more about Kayleigh Summers at 6ABC

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