Philly and Wawa Give the U.S. a Unique Sandwich Offering

A Wawa hoagie being cut.
Image via Wawa.

Many think of the Philadelphia sandwich as the cheesesteak, but there are actually three sandwiches that make the cut in our region, writes Crawford Smith for Mashed.

Mashed took a look at the 11 best sandwiches from different regions of the country. Special attention was paid to towns that had long-standing traditions of unique local sandwiches. When you eat one of these, you’re eating decades and centuries of history.

Here in Philadelphia, it’s a trifecta: the cheesesteak, the hoagie, and roast pork.

Cheesesteaks are made with shaved ribeye, melted cheese, and onions and served in a long Italian roll.

There’s also the hoagie. Popularized by Delaware County’s Wawa hoagie, these nationally resemble the sub, but are much more complex, with Italian-focused deli meats on freshly baked rolls.

 “If you’ve ever met someone from the Philly area, they probably won’t shut up about Wawa, and that’s because this gas station chain serves surprisingly excellent hoagies,” stated Mashed.

The roast pork sandwich is roasted with Italian seasonings and sliced thin and comes with provolone cheese and sautéed greens.

A more under-the-radar Philly sandwich is the Schmitter, made with Cotto salami, beef, onions, cheese, and special sauce.

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Mashed offers us a look at its best sandwich choices for the U.S.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in November 2022.

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