Clean-Up Day from Hobart’s Run/Pottstown Religious Cluster Left Area Looking Heavenly

PCRC volunteers
Image via Hobart's Run.
The many volunteers in the Hobart's Run PCRC clean-up day in Pottstown.

Hobart’s Run routinely supports cleanups in its western Montgomery County focus area. The scope of these efforts can range from the small (sharing resources like tools and gear) to mid-range (significant volunteer recruitment) to large-scale (collaborating with other organizations to beautify a significant portion of the area).

One of those latter efforts took place recently on Keystone Boulevard in Pottstown, in collaboration with the Pottstown Cluster of Religious Communities (PCRC).

Cleaning Up

Several organizations contributed heavy equipment and operators to transport the heavy bags and other debris out of the woods to the dumpster. The helping hands came from:

  • A&N Brothers Contractors Elite LLC
  • Kulp Car Rental
  • ProHome Restorations
  • J.S. Madaras Consulting LLC
  • Nelson Construction LLC, whose James Nelson generously covered the dumpster rental’s cost

Together the crews removed approximately 40 yards of bagged and loose trash. The junk filled a donated 30-yard dumpster to overflowing, according to Matt Green, a PCRC board member and leader of its “trash team.”

Compassionate Outreach

But the work wasn’t all sweeping, scrubbing, and tidying.

Outreach volunteers also connected with the homeless population onsite.

In an experience cited as being both humbling and empowering, volunteers compassionately spent time with people who — for a variety of reasons — have been relegated to outdoor campsites as their only shelter.

Green recognized the organizations and individuals that routinely supply these Pottstown neighbors with food, clothing, and other essentials. He also praised their thoroughness; many of these volunteers don’t leave without also removing the trash that accumulates around these locations, owing to a lack of appropriate receptacles nearby.

These small acts of voluntary kindness are not a permanent solution, Green acknowledged. But he believes they may be a means to one.

“We [at the PCRC] are working with our trash and resource team volunteers to establish greater cooperation among the groups that supply essentials to the homeless, as well as developing community-wide standards on how to alleviate litter issues related to homelessness and the [PCRC] community meal program,” he said.

“We invite other nonprofits, businesses, citizens, and government to cooperate with us.

“The successful revitalization of Pottstown requires compassion as well as creative, proactive, practical thinking,” he concluded.

Getting Involved

The PCRC and Hobart’s Run are very grateful to those who assist in their community improvement efforts.

Both organizations welcome help.

Monetary donations to defray the working costs clean-up events like this recent one in Pottstown can be made at the church cluster website.

And volunteers for future PCRC outreaches can contact Matt Green by email to sign up.


Video of a 2019 Hobart’s Run project, beautifying Edgewood Cemetery.

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