Iraqi War Veterans Open High-Tech Armory in Malvern

Main Line Armory owners
Image via Savvy Main Line.
Greg and Katie Butler.

Iraqi war veterans Greg and Katie Butler have opened a sophisticated place for gun owners to shop, train, shoot, and socialize: Main Line Armory in Malvern, writes Caroline O’Halloran for the Savvy Main Line

The owners’ goal is to elevate the gun-owning experience. 

Instead of dingy walls, Main Line Armory welcomes members with its 30,000-square-foot state-of-the-art range that has been designed to appeal to anyone. 

It features three 25-yard shooting bays with 21 lanes, including several private VIP lanes, wall-mounted iPads that place and turn targets and change the lighting to simulate night shooting, along with an advanced air system. 

There is also a 4,000-square-foot retail area featuring the industry’s only boutique dedicated to women. Concealed-carry handbags in premium leather, yoga pants with holsters and belt loops, and dainty pistols in various colors are among the products on offer. There is also a large selection of ammo, hunting knives, scopes, and much more. 

The facility boasts two spacious classrooms for classes like ladies’ skills and drills, self defense, and home defense. 

The Valley Forge Lounge with a huge fireplace and catering kitchen is also available. 

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