‘Unspoiled for Future Generations’: Property in ‘Magic Valley’ Conserved Forever

Magic Valley land
Image via Robyn Jeney, Natural Lands.

Natural Lands has permanently protected a 10-acre property in Warwick Township, otherwise nicknamed “Magic Valley” by locals who adore its beauty and peacefulness.

The Brown-Shire property boasts coveted meadows, a section of forest, and protects the water quality of South Branch French Creek. It also offers a slow, country route for drivers to enjoy the scenery.

Due to its proximity to other protected lands, this space was ideal to preserve and maintain for years to come.

“The valley our property overlooks has a nickname given by the locals: ‘Magic Valley.’ Unspoiled and beautiful,” said owner Ellen Shire. “Ever since we owned this land in Magic Valley, we have been fortunate to have surrounding neighbors feel the same about its protection.”  

It is also a powerhouse for keeping alive a myriad insects, plants, and animals that rely on the land.

“From the moment we bought the property, we knew we wanted to put it into an easement to keep it unspoiled for future generations,” said co-owner Garrett Brown.

Read more about the Magic Valley property at Natural Lands.


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