Longwood Gardens Director Predicts Early Cherry Blossoms Season

cherry blossoms
Image via Tyger Williams, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
A local couple enjoys the weather and the cherry blossom trees in West Fairmount Park in Philadelphia.

Cherry blossoms, the beautiful pink and white reminder that warmer days are on their way, and will arrive earlier than usual this year, writes Michelle Myers for The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia region is home to over 15 types of cultivated cherry trees that are expected to bloom sooner this year due to an increase in regional temperatures in January and February. 

“Once they start blooming in D.C., it works as a chain reaction — we can expect it in Philly within weeks,” said Anthony Aiello, associate director of conservation at Kennett Square’s Longwood Gardens

Historically, the peak of cherry blossoms season in the region starts in late March and continues into early April, several weeks later than expected this year. 

However, early cherry blossoms season does come with some dire warnings. 

They are “an indicator of bigger things that are happening in the environment,” said Aiello. 

Early spring temperatures could cause other environmental problems, he added. For example, crops could come too early and suffer from a drop in temperature. 

“There is also the issue of other flowers blooming too early and not matching with pollinators, which widely affects the ecosystem,” said Aiello. 

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