6th–10th Graders to Explore Careers on April In-Service Day

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Image via Chester County Council, Boy Scouts of America.
Chester County Council, Boy Scouts of America, invites local students to take part in an Apr. 15 career-preview day.

On April 21, middle school and early high school students have the opportunity to register for an in-service day. It’s a chance to explore a range of career opportunities in the classroom and onsite at local employers.

Multiple pathways are open:

  • Healthcare students will learn patient care skills, safety and vital signs, therapy approaches, and emergency services.
  • Agriculture students will find out more about small animals and their environments, food production, and culinary pursuits
  • Engineering students explore electrical and electric systems, mechanical and civil engineering, and problem-solving techniques and processes

 All students participate in a community service training program.

Collaborators and Their Roles

The community exploring day resulted from collaborations among:

Exploring is a BSA program that provides exciting activities and mentorship for youth looking to discover their futures: Learn by Doing. Do by Exploring!

CCEDC’s mission includes supporting workforce development to strengthen the local economy, which includes introducing youth to future jobs. The organization’s leaders have been instrumental in setting up the employer visits for exploring day.

The CCIU provides career, technical, and customized education services to the school districts in Chester County and looks forward to welcoming students to the Technical College High School, Brandywine, to see the classroom, workrooms, and labs.

CCRES is a resources organization that provides professional resources, coaching, and counseling.

“Connecting students to local businesses is a big part of our ongoing efforts to develop tomorrow’s career-ready workforce. Seeing careers in action helps students identify the intersection of what they are good at and what they enjoy,” indicated Patti VanCleave, Vice President, Workforce Development & STEM at the Chester County Economic Development Council.

Details on Exploring Day

Exploring Day is Apr. 21 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

It has been scheduled for an in-service day for the following school districts:

While participants will travel throughout the day, drop off and pick-up will be at Chester County Council’s PARC building at 1 Scouting Way, Exton.

The cost per child is $60. Registrations can be made through the scouting’s Exploring website.


This video profiles a Saint Joseph, Mo., student gaining insight on her future career by participating in scouting.

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