Girls-Only Program of Flyers Has First Practice in West Chester 


The Philadelphia Flyers‘ Learn to Play hockey program held the first practice for its girls-only edition on Saturday at Ice Line in West Chester, writes Matteo Iadonisi for 6ABC

Local girls aged 5 to 9 were led by Alyssa Gagliardi of Bryn Mawr, a professional women’s hockey player who has since moved into various coaching roles. 

Women’s ice hockey has “grown a lot in the last few years since I graduated college,” said Gagliardi. “And I think the Flyers investing in, you know, kind of really focused efforts with the girls and women’s side is so important.” 

The coach is overjoyed with the opportunity to teach a new generation that will have more opportunities if they decide to continue playing hockey than she had. 

“I fully believe that these little girls are going to be able to dream of playing professional hockey soon enough,” she said. “And it’ll be really cool to see just the continued growth in the next 5, 10, 15 years.” 

The program will last for six weeks. West Chester registrations are closed, but some openings are still available for the Aton sessions. 

Read more about the program at 6ABC

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